New Laws for Learner Drivers in the UK

New Laws for Learner Drivers in the UK

This will be the first summer since 1959 that the laws change for learner drivers on motorways allowing them to drive on public motorways. The UK is behind other nations with its motorway tuition as UK learner drivers are driving on motorways anyway without formal tuition.

The (DSA) Driving Standards Agency saw the need for change and pushed for laws allowing learner drivers to learn on the motorway that has fast-moving traffic, however, they set in place some very strict rules. Below is some information on everything you need to know about these rules.

Learner Driver Changes

Starting on June 4th, 2018, the laws change for learner drivers on motorways by allowing them to take lessons as part of their regular instruction. The driving instructors are being encouraged to take their learner drivers on motorways if they feel the learner is ready.

The UK is one of the last countries in Europe that doesn’t incorporate new learner drivers to get the experience of driving on a fast network of motorways. The goal of the motorway tuition is to raise the standards of driving on a motorway. They want to educate learner drivers about the proper procedures for driving on Smart Motorways with variable speed limits and running on a hard shoulder.

There are no mandatory laws that restrict the instructor from allowing learner drivers to learn on the motorway. The learner drivers also have the right to refuse an instructor from taking them on a motorway if they feel like they’re not ready to drive on one. It doesn’t matter if the learner driver drives on a motorway or not. They’re being instructed on the theory and how to read signs.

In some parts of the country like Norfolk, Cornwall, Scottish Highlands, Western Wales, and other island communities, this law simply isn’t practical. Driver learners as part of their theory test will be tested on motorways and they’ll be required to demonstrate how a Smart Motorway works.

This law is solely applied to cars only, learner motorcyclist are not allowed on the motorway period. The driving instructors are not allowed to take a student onto the motorway until the learner driver has met DSA qualifications. The law is pretty specific about allowing learner drivers to learn on the motorway without an instructor present and dual controls in the vehicle are mandatory. Friends and family are not allow to ride with the learner driver during their training with the instructor.

The laws change for learner drivers on motorways will change on June 4th, 2018, until that date it’s illegal for cars to attach L-plates while using the car and for learner drivers to use the motorway.