On Your Terms

Buy your lessons in a bulk and book them in advance or pay as you go to suit you. We accept cash or card (you can also use Apple or Android pay). We have a convienent Facebook messenger bot which can tell you how much balance you have left, when your next lesson is and change pickup points for you.

Plan to Pass

We have a driving lesson planner covering what each lesson will involve. Focusing on your weak points and perfecting your path to passing your test. If you buy 20 lessons up front it also includes extra more detailed points and tips to study and help you pass your test faster.

The choice is yours, learn to drive on your own terms. Pay as you want and learn the best way to drive in a 21st century world with skills to last.

£12 per hour
First lesson free
6 Lessons
First lesson free
We plan your route to passing
Detailed breakdown of progress
20 Lessons
Full breakdown of lessons
Mock test included
First lesson free
Booklet to aid passing theory